Hergen Beauty & Wellness Solution

Hergen Beauty & Wellness Solution

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  • Colored Hair with Dry and Weak Ends
  • Dandruff + Damaged and Dry Hair
  • Excess of Sebum, Oily Scalp and Hyperhidrosis
  • Sensitive & Reddened Scalp + Colored Hair
  • Thinning and Hair Falling with Energizing


  • Energizing & Fortifying Treatment
  • Dandruff Treatment
  • Hair Falling Treatment
  • Sebum Balancing Treatment
  • Restructuring & Nourishing Treatment
  • Active Treatment


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Blue Line has been created for all those who want to strengthen hair weakened by environmental stress factors, (pollution and wind), mechanical factors (frequent washing and hair dryer) and chemical factors (colour, perms and hair strengtheners). The objective is to give back energy and vital strength to the capillary fibre. The protein hydrolyzate extracted from Ceratonia Siliqua seeds is particularly rich in arginine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid. These are amino acids essential for the development and health of the hair and can restore the damaged amino acids repairing the structure of the hair from the inside. This hydrolizate is specifically incorporated into a prolonged-release matrix with a positive charge that makes it highly similar to the negative charges of the cuticle of the hair. Through static cling the matrix gets deposited onto the cuticular surface, it releases the amino acids it is rich of and builts a protective film which smoothes the cuticle and gives strength to the hair making it thus resistant to breaking. Moreover, the alpha hydroxyacids from fruits give nourishment and vital matter in order to obtain stronger and healthier hair.

The Silver line products have been studied specifically to fight dandruff, reduce scalp scaling and alleviate the fastidious and recurrent itching. The Tea Tree, an important element of the line, has been chosen because of its antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics. The extracts to the Salix Alba and Cinnamon cortex reduce scaling. The aim of this treatment is to eliminate the cause responsible for this disorder and reduce the unpleasant feelings people with dandruff must face.

It is an active treatment specifically studied to strengthen weak hair, stimulating its growth preventing early loss. The active substances present in the Violet Line make the anagen phase last longer while delaying the telogen phase and they stimulate the following follicular cycle to begin. The Baicalin, a flavon glycoside extracted from the Scutellaria Baicalensis, increases the proliferation of the follicular cells protecting them from the inhibitory signal given by the androgenic hormones. Wheat and soy sprouts stimulate the metabolic activity of the dermal papilla cells guaranteeing the nutrients necessary for the hair growth. Menthol stimulates the scalp microcirculation giving a better oxygenation to the follicular cells.

The Pink Line has been studied to regulate sebum production from sebaceous glands diminishing an excessive secretion. The products of the Pink Line are rich in zinc salts and Spiraea Ulmaria extracts which can reduce the activity of some enzymes responsible for the sebum production. The tannins extracted from the Spiraea Ulmaria have also a high astringent activity which makes the pores of the scalp contract thus preventing the bacteria to enter the glandular and the hair follicle duct. The active sulphur re-establishes the physiological activity of the glandular cells and reduces the possible bacteria colonization which grows considerably in case of hyperhidrosis and seborrhoea.

The well-being, beauty and body of the hair depend on its health and so on its nourishment. The Gold Line has been studied to guarantee the correct hydration and to sustain the capillary fibre. The protein component extracted from sweet almond seeds has a double effect: reconstruct damaged, lifeless and weakened hair and hydrate the scalp deeply preventing the hair to dry and making sure it receives all the essential elements it needs. Hazelnut oil and Aloe juice neutralize free radicals which are responsible for the hair ageing. Green Tea extract and Soy proteins are a further nourishment source. After the Gold Line treatment the dull and stressed hair becomes richer, more beautiful and more protected. The cuticular scales that appeared open before and that rejected one another thus creating knots, now close themselves on the hair thus diminishing its permeability towards damaging substances and eliminating frizzy effect.

The Red Line is the real innovation of the Hergen Line. Thanks to this treatment line it is possible to intensify the beneficial effects brought by the previous lines. It is a complete line that satisfies the specific needs of each person. Each product can be used together with any element of the other lines. The Red Line comes from the rediscovery of natural remedies belonging to the most ancient traditions; it is a new coming back to the real essence of nature in its total respect. The Red Line is made of natural elements deriving from seeds, roots, bark, fruits, flowers and leaves. These components are combined with simple and delicate cosmetic formulae which respect also the most sensitive scalp. The products of the Red Line wake up the five senses and contribute to find harmony and a pleasant feeling of well-being and for these characteristics they can be used for body, too.